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SharkHosting vs MilesWeb

비교 옵션 SharkHosting 방문 MilesWeb 방문
8 호스팅 플랜 50 호스팅 플랜
시작가 ₩3,170 / 월 ₩3,810 / 월
무료 도메인
쿠폰 아니요 아니요
사용자 평점
신뢰도 4.5
요금제 4.5
사용자 친화성 4.5
기술 지원 4.0
기능 4.0
사용자 리뷰
76 리뷰 1411 리뷰
최근의 긍정적인 리뷰
Their support is great and also the prices for the hosting services are very much affordable
Prakash Kshetri,
I was facing problem for creating new mail accounts and was having issue with Contact Form 7.
I raised a ticket for that and it was solved by the Support team on the same day.
Their support is really great. Also, I never face... 더 많이 보기 d issues while creating my websites using their Hosting Services. 더 적게 보기
Amazing and Super Duper Support Folks! Much better than BigRock or GoDaddy
Hari Krishna,
Reason I have been in love with this Milesweb is due to their outstanding Support and Sales.
I purchased Shared Multi Domain hosting an year back at 1/3rd the price of what BigRock was charging. I shifted a bunch of all my w... 더 많이 보기 ebsites to this new Multi domain hosting. The sales guy was damn helpful and resourceful to assist me make my purchase with so much ease.
Then the migration was all done by the Milesweb team without me sweating anywhere from Bigrock to Milesweb. 5 Star Service Truly.
An year down the lane:
I reached out to their support Yesterday and spoke to Soni, she amazingly helped and sorted the issues on the Resource Usage spike due to some outdated installations.
Today, there was an issue with SSL redirecting to some page and causing one website to be broken. And happen to reach Mr. Peeyush Gosavi(Another 5Star Service from this gentleman), he not only assisted with so much care and help, am mesmerized. He worked with his team and even got the deleted wordpress sql backup file restored for me. Cannot imagine it saved hours of rework and saved my face in front of a client. Thank you so much to his team working together Mr. Amol Joshi and Mr. Harshal Chavan.
You all brilliantly worked and made me a experience a great sales and service.
Earned a lifetime customer for Milesweb.
Thank you
Hari & Ramya
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최근의 부정적인 리뷰
Unnecessary stress from beginning to end
Jack C,
Generally, a chaotic and disorganised website host. As you can probably imagine given their relatively low-price point, they are a reseller, of Stablepoint to be precise. Sad as it is you often get what you pay for, and this ... 더 많이 보기 is one such occasion.
Harsh as it may sound, its unnecessary stress from beginning to end with Shark... Clunky website, poorly maintained (yet often referred to) knowledgebase and constant networking and configuration changes... Sometimes with little or no notice. Personally, for me, the last point is a biggie. This has left sites and services offline or not working correctly on more than one occasion, requiring immediate or short-term remedial effort to get things standing up again and thoroughly tested.
Combine these points with generally poor communication... When there is notice of a change it often provides little notice, an ultimatum, or focuses on the mid/long-term benefits to the business, rather than the client right now... So, it is all rather messy.
It is always good practice of course, but do make sure you properly read the product-specific terms and conditions if registering, as there is at least one service offered which is essentially useless when you marry it up to its Ts & Cs.
The one-man-band that is Chris at Shark / Net87 / Chick etc is decent in fairness if you read this line again and take it in context alongside the price.
If you, your company, group or organisation *need* service dependability, technical support with real answers and that is 24/7, or general calmness and peace of mind I respectfully recommend trying elsewhere. If your operation is small and reasonably happy with 'cheap and cheerful' then Shark Hosting may well work out fine for you.
Best of luck.
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Mileweb is a fraud organization
Soma Konijeti,
I was using VPS for two months to run a small python program. After 3rd payment they suspended it saying high resource usage and neither given explanation nor any solution. I had to cancel the service and lost one month payme... 더 많이 보기 nt.
There is no phone number to call customer service. Everything you have to deal through email which will take one day to get short replay without any solution to your problem.
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공유 호스팅
₩3,170에서 ₩12,660까지 5 플랜 ₩3,810에서 ₩5,390까지 2 플랜
4달러 미만

Blue Shark

₩2.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
  • 사이트 수: 5
Blue Shark 플랜 보기


₩3.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
  • 사이트 수: 1
CP1 플랜 보기
8달러 미만

Tiger Shark

₩4.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
  • 사이트 수: 10
Tiger Shark 플랜 보기


₩4.25 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
CP2 플랜 보기
$10 이상

Adult Shark XXX

₩8.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
  • 사이트 수: 1
Adult Shark XXX 플랜 보기
₩18,980에서 ₩18,980까지 1 플랜 ₩9,520에서 ₩218,130까지 24 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요

Self-Managed Linux VPS - SMV1

₩7.50 / 월
  • 공간: 50 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Self-Managed Linux VPS - SMV1 플랜 보기
$10 이상

Custom KVM VPS

₩12.00 / 월
  • 공간: 10 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Custom KVM VPS 플랜 보기

Managed Linux VPS - V1

₩9.00 / 월
  • 공간: 50 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Managed Linux VPS - V1 플랜 보기
전용 서버
₩125,550에서 ₩310,700까지 8 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요 아니요
$10 이상 아니요

E5-2609 2.4GHz (4 Cores)

₩99.00 / 월
  • 공간: 1 TB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
E5-2609 2.4GHz (4 Cores) 플랜 보기
클라우드 호스팅
₩9,490에서 ₩18,980까지 2 플랜 ₩34,250에서 ₩178,050까지 4 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만

Cloud 1 - 1 Year

₩6.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Cloud 1 - 1 Year 플랜 보기
$10 이상

Cloud 1 X - 1 Year

₩12.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Cloud 1 X - 1 Year 플랜 보기


₩27.00 / 월
  • 공간: 50 GB
  • 대역폭: 1 TB
C1 플랜 보기
₩5,330에서 ₩35,720까지 8 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요

Linux Resellers Micro

₩6.16 / 월
  • 공간: 10 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: whm
Linux Resellers Micro 플랜 보기
$10 이상 아니요

Linux Resellers Startup

₩10.56 / 월
  • 공간: 20 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: whm
Linux Resellers Startup 플랜 보기
₩13,950에서 ₩253,640까지 4 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요 아니요
$10 이상 아니요

Domain SSL

₩11.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Domain SSL 플랜 보기
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6 중 3 6 중 4
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