OVHcloud vs Liquid Web

비교 옵션 OVHcloud 방문 Liquid Web 방문
52 호스팅 플랜 16 호스팅 플랜
시작가 ₩0 / 월 ₩15.00 / 월
무료 도메인
쿠폰 아니요 아니요
사용자 평점
신뢰도 1.5
요금제 2.0
사용자 친화성 1.5
기술 지원 1.5
기능 1.5
사용자 리뷰
829 리뷰 197 리뷰
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Korzystam z OVH od 12 lat (od 2010 roku)
Mariusz W,
Mam blog na hostingu OVH i działa bez zarzutu. Przez 12 lat zaobserwowałem ze 4 problemy z połączeniem bazy MySQL nawet wtedy kiedy był słynny pożar w serwerowni OVH. Mimo to usługa szybko wracała i ż... 더 많이 보기 danych danych nie straciłem. Akurat mam wykupiony najniższy pakiet bo wyższy mi nie potrzebny ponieważ wydajność jest wystarczająca dla mnie. Wyższe pakiety będą lepsze, ale póki co siedzę na niższym. Panel jest prosty w obsłuszę, szybko można wyklikać np. przywrócenie kopii hostingu czy bazy danych. Stworzenie skrzynki pocztowej czy operowanie domenami też jest proste. Ma automatycznie odnawialny darmowy SSL. Nie jestem w stanie nic się przyczepić, ale support faktycznie mozolnie odpowiada jednak pisałem do nich tylko kilka razy przez 12 lat więc problem umiarkowany.
Polecam swoim klientom i wykupuje im hostingi w OVH i wszystko działa OK.
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Liquid Web Support is Excellent
Gary Driskill,
I have been a Liquid Web customer for 15 years. I have two (2) servers with them and they have always provided excellent products and services at good prices. Also, there support is always friendly, knowledgeable and timely.
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Une catastrophe
Jean-Guillaume Doulain,
Une catastrophe.
Mon expérience avec OVH a été très décevante. Joindre un service client depuis l'étranger a été mission impossible.
Le contact via email pour annuler mon abonnement n'a pas été pris en compte et ils osent m... 더 많이 보기 ême vous mettre la pression via un service de recouvrement pour "impayé" alors que mes demandes d'annulation avaient été faites bien avant la date d'échéance.
Ceci en plus des pannes de serveur...
Expérience à ne pas renouveller.
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Cancelled for Complaining
Aaron Crow,
Long story short. I spun up a few VMs in an attempt to get sequential IP addresses. The next day I found they limited my account to only allow 1 IP address per VM and didn't tell me why. I tried contacting support, billing... 더 많이 보기 and then sales but nobody could tell me why I was on a "limited" account. They insisted that I provide my drivers license before they would speak to me. I don't give out my DL to anyone especially when I did nothing wrong.
I then complained on another website and they asked me to contact them directly. Then they went silent, so when I complained again they sent me a message stating I had violated their acceptable use policy and then terminated my account. Their policy is vague and can be used to terminate anyone for any reason.
I still have no idea what my original "infraction" was and was told by several employees in my phone calls I had done nothing wrong. It's my person opinion I am being punished because I complained publicly.
I was treated unfairly throughout this entire process and YES I will go somewhere else. But, not before I let everyone know how I was treated.
I have given support 1 star for their unwillingness to communicate and reliability 1 star because it took ME making phone calls and tracking down what was happening when they limited my account. They didn't other sending me the email to let me know there was an issue until AFTER I complained online.
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공유 호스팅
₩7,060에서 ₩24,030까지 3 플랜
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8달러 미만

Personal plan

₩4.99 / 월
  • 공간: 100 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: other
  • 사이트 수: 5
Personal plan 플랜 보기
$10 이상

Professional plan

₩9.99 / 월
  • 공간: 250 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: other
  • 사이트 수: 10
Professional plan 플랜 보기
₩7,070에서 ₩42,420까지 4 플랜 ₩15.00에서 ₩135.00까지 7 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만


₩5.00 / 월
  • 공간: 40 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
VALUE 플랜 보기
$10 이상


₩10.00 / 월
  • 공간: 80 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한

Cloud VPS 2GB

₩15.00 / 월
  • 공간: 40 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Cloud VPS 2GB 플랜 보기
전용 서버
₩0에서 ₩3,435,900까지 45 플랜 ₩199.00에서 ₩549.00까지 6 플랜
4달러 미만


₩0.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
HGR-SDS-1 플랜 보기
8달러 미만 아니요 아니요
$10 이상


₩61.74 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Rise-1 플랜 보기

Intel Xeon E3-1230v5

₩199.00 / 월
  • 공간: 240 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 플랜 보기
클라우드 호스팅
₩110.98에서 ₩222.58까지 3 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요 아니요
$10 이상 아니요


₩110.98 / 월
  • 공간: 960 GB
  • 대역폭: 10 TB
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