Site5 vs Fornex

비교 옵션 Site5 방문 Fornex 방문
13 호스팅 플랜 37 호스팅 플랜
시작가 ₩6,110 / 월 ₩6,700 / 월
무료 도메인 아니요
쿠폰 아니요 아니요
사용자 평점
신뢰도 1.5
요금제 1.5
사용자 친화성 1.5
기술 지원 1.5
기능 1.5
사용자 리뷰
168 리뷰 374 리뷰
최근의 긍정적인 리뷰
Works great for me
Rodrigo Campos,
I have 4 years of using it and works perfect, support works, uptime works, they give me whm, etc...
Отличный сервис
Максим Гуляев,
Пользуюсь сервисом уже больше года. Ни разу не возникло проблем. Поддержка на высоте, скорость отличная. Все это за более чем адекватные деньги.
최근의 부정적인 리뷰
No support
Chick Newman,
I have had an email problem on Site5 for nearly a year. It no longer provides telephone support and writing a "ticket" about an issue is summarily ignored. A few days later, after submitting a ticket, an email from site5 is ... 더 많이 보기 received after each ticket that says. "since we have not heard from you the issue will be closed". I have sent several tickets complaining of he same issue numerous times and each time the issue is ignored and followed by the same email to me. There isn't even a statement that the issue was read.
I have therefore moved my website and hosting to another hosting company but Site5 relentlessly bombards me with email about the issue it refuses to resolve. I lost a lot of business because emails I sent to customers from it's server were consistently bounced from gmail, aol and yahoo email accounts because the Site5 server was insecure by gmail, aol and yahoo.
At this time, nearly a year after submitting the first ticket, and several months after moving my website to another host, Site5 refuses so acknowledge that I am no longer a customer. They keep sending those useless emails about the ticket being closed. I need to make sure that any future charges to my credit card that are attempted by Site5 are blocked since customer service has not deleted my account, even though I specifically sent a request to customer service insisting that my account be closed (and even though I have removed my website and email to another host).
Site5's support is Horrible ...the is non-existent!! I suspect there are no live support technicians working for this company, hence the spitting out the same canned email month after month to me "closing" my ticket without ever addressing my problem , and giving no pretext that there was even an effort to address the problem.
Go somewhere else when looking for a webhost.
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Complaint about Fornex. Fornex - they don't delete your personal data and joke with you
Ilian Georgiev,
I'll start by saying that I was a customer of Fornex for several years. For these few years, I have invested in the company more than 300 euros in the form of orders. I have always paid for my services on time and have not ab... 더 많이 보기 used the trust of the company.
It all started when my personal website was blacklisted in Spamhaus. There was no reason for it. It was just that a malicious person had sent several fake SPAM reports about my personal website. All the reports were false. In the last 12 months, only 7 emails were sent from my personal website, and all of them were to my personal email address. I explained this to Spamhaus and they were understanding, understood that my personal website does not send SPAM and unlisted the website domain. This process took 2-3 days.
During this time I explained the situation to Fornex in detail and asked them to be patient. They blocked my personal website's hosting service and gave me 24 hours to resolve the Spamhaus listing issue. I asked for a few days, but they didn't give me. After 2-3 days the problem was solved and my website domain was unlisted. I told them that. However, they did not unblock my hosting service. They told me to find another hosting provider. They also said that the other services and domains I had with them should be moved as well. This was even stranger since they had no connection to the problem.
Then after moving all my services away from them, I requested my profile to be deleted along with all user and personal information citing GDPR.
First they lied to me that my account was deleted. My account was just disabled. When I tried to log into their system I saw a message like this.
Then a guy from their team named Ivan Savvin explained to me that they don't keep my personal information. And then without asking me, they changed my email address. They changed it by including an offensive word and a swear word ("pidor").
This is completely absurd, unprofessional and offensive to me. This is a mockery.
Even stranger was that the email I received started with "Dear Ilian". After reading this I'm convinced that they didn't really delete my personal data, they just deactivated my account. If they had indeed deleted my personal data as they claimed, then how does their system know my name?
This company Fornex abuses the trust of users. It's not enough that they made me move so many services to another location that made me uncomfortable. Also, they still keep my personal data and lie to me that they have deleted it. And finally, they change part of my user data (my email address) by adding insulting words and swearing to it.
This company Fornex does not follow the European Union regulation for the protection of personal data! Fornex should be fined and my personal data to be deleted! How is it possible for a European company to do this? I am ready to provide more information, emails and screenshots to prove my claims.
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공유 호스팅
₩6,110에서 ₩400,780까지 3 플랜 ₩6,700에서 ₩761,800까지 4 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만


₩4.95 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
hostBasic 플랜 보기


₩5.00 / 월
  • 공간: 20 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
  • 사이트 수: 25
WEB-25 플랜 보기
$10 이상


₩8.95 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
hostPro 플랜 보기


₩8.00 / 월
  • 공간: 35 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 패널: cpanel
  • 사이트 수: 50
WEB-50 플랜 보기
₩6,110에서 ₩400,780까지 7 플랜 ₩6,700에서 ₩761,800까지 11 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요


₩7.00 / 월
  • 공간: 10 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
CLOUD NVMe 1 플랜 보기
$10 이상


₩55.00 / 월
  • 공간: 50 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
VPS2 플랜 보기


₩10.00 / 월
  • 공간: 15 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
CLOUD NVMe 2 플랜 보기
전용 서버
₩6,700에서 ₩761,800까지 8 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요 아니요
$10 이상 아니요

XEON E3-1230v2

₩79.00 / 월
  • 공간: 480 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
XEON E3-1230v2 플랜 보기
클라우드 호스팅
₩6,110에서 ₩400,780까지 3 플랜 ₩6,700에서 ₩761,800까지 11 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요


₩7.00 / 월
  • 공간: 10 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
CLOUD NVMe 1 플랜 보기
$10 이상


₩20.00 / 월
  • 공간: 10 GB
  • 대역폭: 102.4 GB
Plus 플랜 보기


₩10.00 / 월
  • 공간: 15 GB
  • 대역폭: 무제한
CLOUD NVMe 2 플랜 보기
DDoS 보호 서비스
₩6,700에서 ₩761,800까지 3 플랜
4달러 미만 아니요 아니요
8달러 미만 아니요 아니요
$10 이상 아니요


₩100.00 / 월
  • 공간: 무제한
  • 대역폭: 무제한
  • 사이트 수: 1
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