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    10 / 10
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    9.3 / 10
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    10 / 10
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    9.3 / 10

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Shared Hosting ₩3,360 - ₩86,030 요금제 보기
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작성자: 마이클 라븐두스키(Michael Lavnduski)

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  • 신뢰도
    8 / 10
  • 요금제
    9 / 10
  • 사용자 친화성
    9 / 10
  • 기술 지원
    9 / 10
  • 기능
    8 / 10
마이클 라븐두스키(Michael Lavnduski)별 (으)로 평가됨
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Good hosting for WordPress sites

WPWebHost is a hosting company that is focusing almost exclusively on WordPress sites. While they say they will run other types of sites, they have optimized all their servers for WordPress so it doesn't make much sense to host other types of pages.  The company has been around for quite a while, though they don't openly market when exactly they opened. They claim to offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, but the VPS and dedicated servers show as sold out.  From what I can tell, they have been sold out for quite a while.  It seems likely to me that they are just moving away from these types of hosting packages.  Most WordPress sites don't need VPS and dedicated servers anyway. For their shared hosting plan, they just have one package.  It is a fairly basic shared hosting option, but it will meet the needs of most people who are just running a blog or even a simple business site.

Uptime & Reliability


Few complaints of reliability problems

There is no obvious uptime guarantee or anything like that.  They don't provide many details on the data center, so it is hard to say how advanced it is.  From looking at social media and other sites there aren't many complaints about downtime, so it does seem like they offer a stable hosting platform.  Some people have complained about slow load speeds though, so it may be that they are overselling their servers.



Features focused on WordPress

They really don't have a whole lot of extra features to choose from.  You'll get an easy to use hosting package, with one click installation of WordPress.  They will also migrate your site over from another hosting company if you would like.  Their control panel seems to be a custom built solution, which some people will like and others won't. Other than that, there is not really too much as far as features go related to their hosting.  One nice thing is they do offer a free domain name for as long as you host with them.  Many other hosting companies offer you the first year of the domain name of your choice, but this one will actually renew it too, which is quite impressive.



Experts with WordPress

If you run into any technical issues related to WordPress, they will likely be able to help you quickly and easily. They even offer some optimization plugins that can help you to improve your site.  They also do a fairly good job at resolving issues with their servers or network, according to current and former customers. To get technical support you need to use their ticketing system, which normally gets you fast responses.  They do offer a nice blog that has a lot of self-help options, especially for WordPress improvements.



Just one package at a fair price

There is really only one package available right now and it is priced properly.  At $4.95 per month you aren't getting the best deal ever, but it is not bad either.  There aren't many features you can choose to add on, so this will almost certainly be your price.  They don't even display prices for their VPS and dedicated servers that are sold out.


Affordable WordPress focused hosting

If you are running a WordPress site that you don't think will grow or get too popular, this is not a bad option.  They do provide good stable hosting and they know all about WordPress so they can help you to resolve most types of issues fairly quickly. Pros:
  • Focused on WordPress
  • Fair pricing
  • Only one hosting plan
  • Not much information about the company or data center available
  • Some complaints about slow load speeds
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WPWebHost 가격, 요금제 및 특징 - 2018

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10 GB 무제한 1 ₩3,360 9.7
30 GB 무제한 1 ₩7,830 9.6
60 GB 무제한 5 ₩30,170 10
100 GB 무제한 30 ₩86,030 9.7
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